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Adalah and ACRI: New election threshold violates Arab citizens' right to choose their political orientation
Regulations openly specified that AG should look into possibility of facilitating the pursuit of legal cases only if it did not harm the state’s position in the case.
Adalah and ACRI: "Decision enables MKs from the majority to impose political punishments on MKs from the minority because of their political views."
Villagers have exhausted all legal possibilities available to cancel demolition orders; another case pending before Supreme Court against eviction orders.
Adalah: Supreme Court's decision entrenches racial segregation; 434 small communities in Israel, or 43% of all residential areas, will be allowed to close their doors to Arab citizens of the state.
Attorney Bishara: “We hope the court finally understood the danger embedded in the displacement of the villagers after 58 years, just to house Israeli Jewish settlers in their place.”
An expanded judicial panel of nine justices focused on the legal question of whether the law harms freedom of political expression
Adalah and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel filed a petition on behalf of leading human rights organizations in Israel
On 23 December 2013, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected a petition filed by Michael Ben-Ari and Itamar Ben-Gvir against the Attorney General’s (AG) decision to close the investigation files...
On 22 December 2013, Adalah submitted a petition to the Supreme Court of Israel demanding that a construction company be ordered to sell an apartment to an Arab citizen in a new neighborhood in the...
On 20 November 2013, the Supreme Court of Israel heard an appeal filed by Adalah against the decision of the Be’er Sheva District Court to evacuate the unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Umm...
Tomorrow, Wednesday 20 November 2013, at 11:30 am, the Israeli Supreme Court will hear an appeal brought by Adalah on behalf of residents of the unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Umm...
The state does not apply the Absentee Property Law to the properties of settlers in the West Bank, and thus, its exclusive application to the properties of Palestinians constitutes unlawful...
On 10 September 2013, the Israeli Supreme Court will hold a hearing on the application of the Absentees' Property Law to Palestinian West Bank residents who own properties in East Jerusalem, and...
On 21 August 2013, the Supreme Court of Israel published the full decision, including the legal grounds for its ruling on 30 December 2012, to overturn the decision of the Central Elections...
The Supreme Court of Israel will hold a hearing on 10 September 2013 on the application of the Absentees’ Property Law-1950 to Palestinian West Bank residents who own properties in East...
On 24 July 2013, Adalah petitioned the Supreme Court on behalf of representatives of five unrecognized villages, with a combined population of over 12,000 Bedouin citizens of Israel. The...
One of the first cases brought before Israel’s Supreme Court in 1948 involved a challenge to the validity of the 1945 British Mandate Defence (Emergency) Regulations in the legal order of the...
Three security prisoners filed a motion to the Supreme Court today (January 8) requesting an additional en banc hearing on the Court’s recent ruling to uphold a sweeping ban on correspondence...