right to education

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Update: Following challenges and objections to the procedures by Adalah and other human rights organizations, COGAT published new procedures on 4 September 2022. They are slated to go into effect...
After learning that private Arab schools in Haifa do not receive any funds from the equipment budget and that the Haifa municipality funded transportation to and from schools only for...
In 2021, Mifal HaPais awarded 38,000 scholarships, however, Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Syrians in the Golan Heights holding permanent Israeli residency were excluded, constituting...
According to experts and parents, the appointment of teaching staff in special education schools is made according to partly irrelevant criteria and leads to a violation of students’ right to...
Birzeit University, Adalah, Al-Haq now fighting to end escalating discriminatory Israeli policy aimed at preventing international academics from staying in the West Bank and refusing to renew visas...
Israeli Health Ministry report: Do not allow any staff or student activity in the school until sanitation issue is resolved.
Adalah: State must provide school bus stops for Bedouin children in Naqab (Negev); area Jewish kids don't face such safety hazards, indicating blatant inequality in enforcement of law.
Unjustified increase in Hebrew-language proficiency test scores discriminates against Arab candidates, constitutes a direct harm to equality of access to Technion studies.
(Beer el-Sabe, Israel) Adalah sent an urgent letter to the Minister of Education, Gideon Sa’ar, and to the Director of the Southern District of the Education Ministry, Ms. Amira Haim, on 27...