Discriminatory Laws in Israel

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NameLaw Type IdLaw StatusYear
The Golan Heights Law1967 Occupied TerritoriesActive1981
Interpretation LawSources of LawActive1981
Public Lands Law (Eviction of Squatters)Land and Planning RightsActive1981
Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel1967 Occupied TerritoriesActive1980
Foundations of Law ActSources of LawActive1980
Religious Jewish Services Law ReligionActive1971
Law of Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (1969) and Law of Mikve Israel Agricultural School (1976)Culture and LanguageActive1969
Protection of Holy Sites LawReligionActive1967
National Planning and Building Law -Limitation of Water, Electricity and Telephone Land and Planning RightsActive1965
National Planning and Building LawLand and Planning RightsActive1965
Broadcasting Authority Law Culture and LanguageActive1965
Basic Law: Israel LandsLand and Planning RightsActive1960
Israel Land Administration Law Land and Planning RightsActive1960
Basic Law: The Knesset Political ParticipationActive1958
Jewish National Fund Law Land and Planning RightsActive1953
State Education LawEducationActive1953
Land Acquisition Law (Actions and Compensation)Land and Planning RightsActive1953
World Zionist Organization-Jewish Agency (Status) Law Culture and LanguageActive1952
Entry into Israel Law CitizenshipActive1952
Citizenship Law CitizenshipActive1952