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Adalah petitions District Court against city's decision to use new building as a new sciences school, in violation of prior commitments.
Adalah: State must provide school bus stops for Bedouin children in Naqab (Negev); area Jewish kids don't face such safety hazards, indicating blatant inequality in enforcement of law.
Ministry said budget gap was intended to reduce number of Arab citizens studying to be teachers; Adalah: Segregating funding on basis of ethnic origin is discriminatory.
2016's top five human rights concerns: forced displacement, discriminatory laws, 'shoot to kill' policy, education and employment gaps, shrinking civil society space.
Unjustified increase in Hebrew-language proficiency test scores discriminates against Arab candidates, constitutes a direct harm to equality of access to Technion studies.
Israeli Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs has no authority to condition budget transfers on changes in educational content.
Adalah: Ministry directive accommodates students speaking Hebrew, other foreign languages while excluding Arabic-speaking students.
Court schedules urgent hearing for 25 May 2016 at 10:00am.
Adalah: Without parallel award, it marginalizes and insults human dignity of Arab artists and Arab community.
"Every movement of students from their entry to their departure from school exposes them to the risk of getting hurt."
Adalah: "The current circumstances are severely affecting the children's personal and learning potential, and in turn their ability to socially integrate in school."
State funding covers 90% of budgets of Jewish religious schools, but up to maximum of just 75% of budgets of Arab church schools in Israel
In 2014, 75% of 3-4 year old Bedouin children in Israel did not have any educational framework; this figure did not exceed 5% for Israeli Jewish children at that age.
Court adopted the position of the General Security Services: "Higher education funding for prisoners is from 'terrorist organizations' and aims to strengthen their positions within the prisons."
With the beginning of the school year 2014/2015, Adalah in Haifa and Al Mezan in Gaza sent a letter on 31 August 2014 demanding that the Israeli Defense Minister, Attorney General, and Chief...
The United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs estimates that about 500,000 Palestinian children will not be able to return to school as normal in Gaza as a result of the War.
Adalah: \"It is absurd that the state refuses to provide shelter to these villages in the Naqab, and at the same time avoids providing vital services to these villages because of the lack of...
Attorney Zaher: 'It is very unfortunate that Haifa University forced us to go through this long and complex judicial process to reach a decision that meets the basic principles of freedom of...
Attorney Zaher: \"Prohibiting Arab student club activities on campus constitutes a serious violation of the right of Arab students to freedom of expression, to punish them for holding a protest...
Attorney Zaher: Supreme Court must order state to also connect four other schools included in the petition.