Unrecognized Arab Bedouin villages

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Adalah's appeal to the Be'er Sheva District Court, on behalf of the entire population of over 500 residents of the Bedouin village of Ras Jrabah in the Naqab, argues that the magistrate court’s...
Since the beginning of the war, Israel has closed medical clinics in multiple Bedouin villages in the Negev, citing their lack of shelters. Adalah: for decades, Israel has denied basic services to...
The Be'er Sheva Magistrate's Court ruled that all 500 residents of Ras Jrabah, a village that predates the establishment of the State of Israel, must evacuate and demolish their homes by March...
A new interactive map demonstrating the ongoing forced displacement faced by Bedouin communities in the Naqab.
The Jewish National Fund (JNF), upon the decision of the Israel Land Authority (ILA), has resumed afforestation work surrounding numerous unrecognized Bedouin villages, primarily along the...
On 22 and 23 May 2022, the Beer Sheva Magistrates’ Court will hold hearings on the cases during which experts and residents of Ras Jrabah will testify against the evictions and home demolitions.
Petitions by residents, human rights and environmental groups, and local councils prevent sweeping approval of a national mining master plan, which includes the Sde Barir mine in the Naqab; the...
Construction of the planned railway will require the demolition of homes belonging to Bedouin families and will block access to neighboring family homes, hurt residents’ income and will not give...
Interior Ministry revises policy that excluded at-risk populations – notably Bedouin citizens from unrecognized Naqab (Negev) villages – from receiving COVID-19 food security grants.
Israeli Health Ministry report: Do not allow any staff or student activity in the school until sanitation issue is resolved.
Adalah demands Israeli interior minister cancel policy that excludes Bedouin citizens living in unrecognized villages from receiving emergency COVID-19 food stamps.
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Justices insist petition is too 'theoretical' for them to consider; Adalah: people are facing immediate danger to life and health.
Israel's Water Authority automatically charges Bedouin higher rates – treating them as if they are wasting water – when they actually have most limited access to water; Adalah & partners are...
Beer Sheva Magistrates Court to hold first hearing on 27 April 2021 as Israel Land Authority seeks to forcibly displace Bedouin families from Ras Jrabah in order to expand the primarily-Jewish city...
Israel announces general return to school, but most schoolchildren from Bedouin villages in the Naqab (Negev) remain in their homes because of classroom overcrowding and schools’ lack of...
Israel’s failure to allocate resources for coronavirus testing and emergency medical services in unrecognized Bedouin villages poses danger to tens of thousands of people in Naqab (Negev) desert...
More than 50,000 Palestinian Bedouin children in Naqab (Negev) villages are not connected to electricity or internet, most don’t have computers. Since school was stopped on 15 March due to...
Magen David Adom paramedics charged with conducting coronavirus tests, but Bedouin citizens of Israel residing in unrecognized villages in Naqab (Negev) lack access to MDA emergency medical services.
On Int'l Human Rights Day, Adalah releases new report exposing Israel's plan to 'urgently' evict Palestinian Bedouin in the Naqab (Negev) from their homes with no permanent, just housing solutions.