Freedom of expression

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University guards question, disperse Arab students after members of far-right Jewish group disrupt Arab students' authorized activity.
Digital Activism workshop for high school and university-age youth, and training for new Arab lawyers and journalists held in Haifa.
Broadcast ban violated freedom of expression and religion, press freedom; Israel postponed decision on station's requests to broadcast for more than year until Adalah filed petition.
Israeli human rights organizations stand in solidarity with Human Rights Watch after Israel bars its entry; what is democracy without free speech, robust public debate and open criticism?
Police pressured school principals to prevent students from protesting; students received Whatsapp messages falsely indicating protest was illegal, warning of clashes with officers.
Adalah: The most important thing for us is that the agreement did not impose any prohibition or conditioning of the creative content produced by the theater.
Trainings provided introduction to theoretical explanations and practical aspects of defending freedom of expression rights, as part of EU-funded project.
Adalah: This bill resembles the laws of history's criminal regimes, and seeks not only to humiliate human rights groups but also to incite against them.
Adalah: "The aim of the continued detention of Mr. Khateeb is to intimidate and deeply frighten Palestinian society from using social media to express support for their own people."
Bennett's decision was made in the context of his attempt to silence views deemed "inappropriate" by the majority.
The court cancelled a minor provision of the law, which allowed exceptional higher compensation without the need to prove damages, but left the rest of the law intact.
In December, Adalah will be representing at several important hearings in Israeli courts concerning the rights Palestinian
Adalah and ACRI: "Decision enables MKs from the majority to impose political punishments on MKs from the minority because of their political views."
Petitioners: Decision is serious violation of MK Zoabi\'s right to freedom of expression and political participation; Ethics Committee acted without legal authority and with double standards.
On 15 September 2014, Adalah sent a detailed letter to the Attorney General (AG) Yehuda Weinstein demanding the opening of investigations into the practices of Israeli police against Palestinian...
Adalah: Police violently assaulted and suppressed demonstration without justification; restrictive conditions placed on detainees intended to deter them from participating in political activities...
Adalah: High number of arrests marks the largest wave of imprisonment of Palestinian demonstrators in Israel since October 2000 events. Four appeals filed in Nazareth and Beer el-Sabe courts.
Adalah and partner lawyers represent protestors throughout the country
Attorney Zaher: 'It is very unfortunate that Haifa University forced us to go through this long and complex judicial process to reach a decision that meets the basic principles of freedom of...
Attorney Zaher: \"Prohibiting Arab student club activities on campus constitutes a serious violation of the right of Arab students to freedom of expression, to punish them for holding a protest...