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The petition submitted by Adalah, joined by the Meezaan Center, argues that the decision of the State Attorney and PID is extremely unreasonable, considering the legal norms established that...
Adalah: The decision reflects the role of the State Attorney and the Police Investigation Department in Israel's sweeping policy of total impunity in the extrajudicial killing of Palestinians by...
Israel’s Internal Security Ministry intends to increase arrests and detention – until end of legal proceedings – by 15 percent in region largely populated by Palestinian Bedouin citizens;...
Following the AG’s decision to set up a team to investigate reports of the illegal use of NSO spyware, Adalah demanded a full, public account of the police’s use of these systems
Sheikh Kamal al-Khatib was arrested on 14 May 2021 in violent Israeli police raid that left dozens of local Palestinian residents wounded in Kufr Qanna.
Multiple sworn affidavits from the past few weeks testify to rampant, systemic Israeli police attacks and brutal beatings of Palestinian citizens of Israel – protesters, minors, innocent...
Israel's police openly announce that 'Operation Law and Order' intended to intimidate and serve as 'deterrent'; Adalah: This is illegal, constitutes collective punishment based on racial profiling.
Adalah obtains internal communications between Israeli Jewish extremists revealing organized, coordinated efforts to bring masses of armed individuals to cities with significant Palestinian...
Adalah: No democracy in the world would approve the establishment of a police unit directed at a specific ethnic group; there is no legal basis that allows Israeli internal security minister to set...
Adalah lodges formal complaint with Justice Ministry's PID, demand investigation into the incidents in which police employed excessive force and wounded dozens of Palestinian citizens.
As Adalah team gathers testimonies and evidence in preparation for formal complaint to Police Investigations Department, grim picture emerges of police’s suspected illegal orders, excessive use...
Bloody images from Umm al-Fahm protest prove yet again that Israeli police continue to perceive – and to relate to – Palestinian Arab citizens as an enemy.
Israeli police continue to operate under institutional assumption that Arab citizens of Israel are enemies; Adalah files motion to cancel gag order imposed on publication of details related to...
During protest in Nazareth against visit of Israeli PM Netanyahu, Israeli police forces arrested 19 Palestinian citizens of Israel; officers hindered evacuation of two wounded who required urgent...
Exclusive Haaretz coverage reveals: Israeli police require internet and mobile phone providers to grant access to online data of any website or individual user in Israel.
Adalah: Blocking an entire street and limiting freedom of movement for residents of an entire neighborhood under pretense of fighting crime constitutes collective punishment.
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: In some 40 percent of murders of Palestinian women citizens of Israel, complaints about incidents of violence had been filed...
Israeli Border Police officer shot dead 32-year-old autistic man Eyad al-Hallaq in Jerusalem’s Old City on 30 May 2020 as he was making his way to special needs school.
October 2000 killings, 20 years later | From October 2000 to Ya'akub Abu al-Qi'an: In new statement adopted by High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens, Adalah demands end to impunity for Israeli...
The commemoration of 20 years since October 2000 comes at a time of new developments regarding the 2017 Israeli police killing of Ya’akub Abu al-Qi’an, a 50-year-old teacher. There is a direct...