Discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel

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The petition, filed on behalf of the Al-Tufula Center, the Arab Mayors’ Committee, and the Follow-up Committee on Arab Education demands the cancellation of clauses requiring that educational...
After learning that private Arab schools in Haifa do not receive any funds from the equipment budget and that the Haifa municipality funded transportation to and from schools only for...
Approximately 80% of residential housing units allocated in the new neighborhood in Jisr Az-Zarqa, a poverty-stricken Arab town in the north of Israel, are not earmarked for local residents. This...
The Housing Ministry assigned the Committee to review the rules on eligibility for public housing, while there is almost no public housing in Arab localities. According to the State Comptroller,...
On 19 January 2022, Adalah - The Legal Center for the Rights of the Arab Minority in Israel sent an urgent letter to the CEO of the Israel Electric Corporation, Ofer Bloch, and the company’s...
Adalah warns the Ministerial Committee on Legislation that the proposed bill will deepen racial discrimination against Palestinians in Israel and in the OPT and violate international law.
Adalah warns that cancelling bus stops, as demanded by residents of the Jewish ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Har Yona in Nof Hagalil, will contribute to the creation of separate public...
Palestinian citizens of Israel - 1.5 million people, or 20% of Israel’s population - are considered a national, ethnic, linguistic, and religious minority under international human rights law.
Adalah's key concerns regarding the human rights of Palestinian citizens of Israel. Notably, many of these concerns also apply to Palestinians living under occupation in the Occupied Palestinian...
Israeli Interior Minister's moves to revoke citizenship of those convicted of acts defined as "breaches of loyalty" are being applied in discriminatory manner against Palestinian citizens of Israel.
Adalah petitions District Court against city's decision to use new building as a new sciences school, in violation of prior commitments.
Impoverished seaside village of Jisr Az-Zarqa faces one of country's most severe housing shortages; local families lack more than 730 homes.
Adalah calls for just solution to land and housing crisis in Arab communities, urges PM Netanyahu to halt demolitions of Arab homes.
Ministry said budget gap was intended to reduce number of Arab citizens studying to be teachers; Adalah: Segregating funding on basis of ethnic origin is discriminatory.
2016's top five human rights concerns: forced displacement, discriminatory laws, 'shoot to kill' policy, education and employment gaps, shrinking civil society space.
2016's top five human rights concerns: forced displacement, discriminatory laws, 'shoot to kill' policy, education and employment gaps, shrinking civil society space.
Marketing of land by Israel Land Authority is predominantly carried out in Jewish and mixed Arab-Jewish areas, while almost no effort is invested in solving housing shortage in Arab communities.
In 2015, Arab towns in Israel received only 4.6% of new housing units and only 2.5% of reduced-cost housing units. Less than 1% (0.8%) of Arab localities received additional government support...
Many of these concerns also apply to violations of the human rights of Palestinians living under occupation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
Adalah: Israel's land policy is characterized by the allocation of land rights in a selective and discriminatory manner on the basis of nationality in favor of the Israeli Jewish population.