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Up-to-the-minute updates on Adalah's legal work defending human rights as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic.
Hastily-legislated law designed to combat COVID-19 allows Israel’s government to impose sweeping restrictions that violate civil liberties with zero parliamentary oversight.
Supreme Court’s decision criticized the Israeli government, despite dismissing Adalah’s petition, after approval of comprehensive ‘Major Coronavirus Law’. Court did not decide on principle...
As Gaza faces COVID-19 outbreak, Israel imposes full maritime closure, bans land entry of building materials and fuel; electricity available just 4 hours a day; Israeli measures cause grave harm to...
Adalah takes series of new legal actions to defend rights of East J’lem Palestinians in shadow of renewed outbreak; 50% of city’s new patients are Palestinians; Israel resumes demolitions of...
Shin Bet’s extreme mass surveillance tools are not intended for civilian purposes and severely and persistently violate the right to privacy and freedom.
Israeli police issued 77,000 tickets with fines amounting to tens of millions of shekels to individuals – without legal authority. Unclear regulations led to selective enforcement of rules, which...
Israel’s top court rejects Adalah petition demanding Israel implement COVID-19 protective guidelines for prisoners at Gilboa prison; 30 prison guards and 7 prisoners are infected while 489 guards...
Israel left Palestinian communities exposed to pandemic through substandard protection and limited access to testing, emergency medical services, and social welfare benefits – particularly in...
Total number of exits via Erez Crossing in June dropped sharply to 218, just one percent compared to the total exits recorded in February.
Adalah: Newly-amended law yet another steep plunge down a slippery slope. There is real danger that further such steps will lead to total tyranny at the hands of the Israeli government.
Bill disproportionately violates the fundamental constitutional rights of prisoners and detainees being held by Israel.
Justices insist petition is too 'theoretical' for them to consider; Adalah: people are facing immediate danger to life and health.
Legislation lets government declare a state of emergency and enact associated regulations – potentially entailing extreme restrictions on basic rights in all spheres of life – with ineffective...
Palestinian Bedouin residents of 48 villages in Naqab (Negev) region are served by post offices in just seven towns. As public transportation is significantly reduced to meet COVID-19 restrictions,...
Israel announces general return to school, but most schoolchildren from Bedouin villages in the Naqab (Negev) remain in their homes because of classroom overcrowding and schools’ lack of...
Under current Israeli law, individuals must be at least 20 years of age to qualify for unemployment benefits; large numbers of Palestinian employees losing their jobs during COVID-19 are young people.
Adalah’s Supreme Court petition calls for urgent action in northern Israeli facility housing 450 ‘security prisoners’; Gilboa prisoners unable to maintain required distance of two meters from...
Adalah-Joint List petition contends Israeli government decrees violate Israeli constitutional law; expanded panel of five justices slated to hear case tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:30 AM.
For first time, court recognizes restrictions on Shin Bet’s powers but grants lengthy period for legislation during which spy agency can act widely without oversight.